Testing Ideas

Testing is an interesting and challenging area for teachers. Constructing tests is not a task to be undertaken lightly. It is easy to create tests which do not have face or content validity, do not test what they purport to test and are unreliable.

Article 1

This article discusses a Cambridge C1 level essay – is it really C1 and is it useful for teachers in helping them understand what a C1 level essay performance is like?

Cambridge Advanced Examination Essay Response critique RAB 2022

Article 2

In this article I discuss Integrated Scenario-based Competency Tests.

Testing Services for Testing Teams

I offer test moderation services and text writing services. More details here.

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Feel free to make use of the materials linked below to develop your own tests for your own purposes.

  1. An Oral Proficiency Test
  2. Oral Placement Interviews: Procedure and Questions and CEFR Information
  3. A critique of a C1 essay response for the Cambridge Advanced Examination
  4. An oral assessment sheet